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Welcome to Mrs. Alexander's 5th Grade Science Class

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Geniuses at work!!

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Vocabulary Test this Friday…. April 22nd

Based on all of the unit words in our Science folders. The students are told to keep their folders with them and carry them back and forth so that they can study at home. 


Extra Credit Poster/ SOLAR SYSTEM

DUE: Friday April 15th 


4/4…. After school Science tutorial sheets were sent home today. They need to be signed and returned. Science tutorials go from April 5th – May 5th.

3/16: No vocabulary test this week or next. We are reviewing vocabulary in class, and students have the vocab in their Science folders. Their homework is to study the science vocabulary! We are currently reviewing all of the units that have been covered this year. 

2-29: Parent letters/grade reports (for Science) were sent home...students could recieve an extra credit for getting it signed and returned! 

Vocabulary Week of 2-29

landform, data, solution, inference, mature, advantage, magnetism, adaptation, air pressure, predator

*Students have these words AND the definitions in their vocabulary book. If they don’t, they SHOULD. 


Vocabulary Week of 2-22

metamorphosis, advantage, inference, friction, matter, niche, sun spot, fossil, moon, gravity


Social Studies test and Science test on Monday! Students do have study guides. Also, students are bringing home the results of their Checkpoint Tests to be signed. 


****Permission slips for the Perot trip Tuesday are 

*********DUE TOMORROW! ********




Some students NEED extra credit, some just like doing this kind of project!

It’s all good though, it encourages science talk!

  • Ecosystem Diorama Project
  • Due: Friday February 5th
  • choose an ecosystem to design using a shoebox and simple materials
  • An eco system is as large as the Earth, or as small as a puddle on the sidewalk…. or smaller! Decide what ecosystem you want to learn about and show! 
  • You MUST include a poem, song or 10 facts about your ecosystem!
  • Neatness counts….we want them to look gooooooooooooood at Science and Math Night (Feb. 8th) 


VOCABULARY week of Feb. 1…..tested week of Feb. 8th

  1. food web
  2. invasive species
  3. producers
  4. consumers
  5. decomposers
  6. ecosystem
  7. community
  8. habitat
  9. population
  10. species



January 20th – February 20th 

You can see 5 planets in the sky at the same time!



Week of 1-5-16

UNIT 7 Earth, Sun and Moon

UNIT 7 Vocabulary

1. rotate

2. revolution

3. orbit

4. night

5. satellite

6. day

7. atmosphere

8. craters

9. gravity

10. physical features


Unit 5 “Energy Resources” Vocabulary


Alternative energy:  Energy resources useful to man that are considered alternatives or supplements to nonrenewable resources such as coal, oil, or natural gas.

Biofuels: Energy generated through the processing of renewable plant and animal materials.

Fossil fuels: Fuels formed over millions of years from the remains of ancient plants and animals: examples include coal, petroleum, and natural gas.

Hydroelectric energy: Energy generated for heat and electricity using the power of falling water or water moving through a damn.

Nonrenewable resources: Natural resources that are used up at a rate faster than they can be replaced.

Weathering: The process by which exposed rock and other surfaces are broken down: may be caused by elements of weather (water, wind, and ice) or other mechanisms.

Coal: A fossil fuel used for energy which was formed from decomposed plant material.

Oil (petroleum): A liquid fossil fuel used for energy which was formed, through heat and pressure, from the remains of ancient plants and animals.

Sediments: Small particles of rock, soil, sand, or shell deposited by water, wind, or ice.

Natural gas: a fossil fuel used for energy which was formed, through heat  and pressure, from the remains of ancient plants and animals.



UNIT 4 TEST Wednesday Nov. 10th.  *The words and definitions are glued into the students' Science Journals and we are making booklets. Plus, these are all actually words that we use in class daily.


10-30: VOCABULARY TEST MONDAY! All students should have the list of words glued into their Science Journal. We also made flash cards and a shutter foldable. These are the words we will be tested on: energy, heat energy, refraction, reflection, electrical energy, mechanical energy, thermal energy, sound energy, series circuit, light energy. *This quiz involves matching the definition to the word, so the flash cards could be utilized for a study game!



THURSDAY NOV. 5th!!!!!!!**


10-27: I am sending home mandatory Extra Credit packets for students who are currently failing. Their grade is written on it, and it requires a parent signature. This packet is due Thursday November 5th. Students who are not failing are also welcome to extra credit assignments. 


*Also, tomorrow I will pass out a MAKE UP PROJECT for the students who did not turn in a poster last week.

*Please watch for the weekly assignment sheet that is handed out every Monday. It updates parents about what our 5th graders are doing in each class...including vocabulary words!



UPDATE: Due to teacher training, we will have our Unit 3 test on Wednesday Oct. 21. We will be reviewing forces, motion and vocabulary in the mean-time. The students DO have Study Guides for this unit. :D


NOTICE: There are many students who did not turn in their poster project (Newton's Laws) today. They received a zero as a grade for that. They ARE ALLOWED to bring their poster (many said they left it at home) on Wednesday Oct. 14th for a late grade of 70%. 


***Force and Motion UNIT 3 TEST this Friday 10-16-15.... the students have study guides with the vocabulary words on the back. STUDY!


Wed. October 7.... Wear ORANGE to support our anti-bullying club S.T.A.N.D.


Week of 10-5: We start our unit of "Force & Motion" today. The students received a packet that we will work on in class, and at home (the pages will be marked "home" or "school") There is a project with this unit! It is to create a poster of Newton's Laws. The information is in the packet, as is the directions sheet. The students will be provided with a half-sheet of poster board to create their project on. The project is to be completed at home. The project and the packet are both DUE TUESDAY Oct. 13th.


  1. force
  2. gravity
  3. friction
  4. balanced forces
  5. unbalanced forces
  6. motion
  7. Newtons (pg 150 in textbook)
  8. hypothesis
  9. inertia

Week of 9-28: We will review properties of matter, as a whole group, all week and test on Friday. We will staple all review sheets, quizzes, classwork in our Science Journal so that it does not get lost.




This week's vocabulary: 9-14-15

  1. matter
  2. volume
  3. solution
  4. mixture
  5. liquid
  6. gas
  7. solubility
  8. evaporation
  9. condensation
  10. texture


9/10... Ask about our SOLUBLE science experiment from today! :D

**Homework: Study for tomorrow's VOCAB quiz, finish word search about the scientific method.


VOCABULARY QUIZ: Friday Sept. 11th

HOMEWORK UPDATE: Vocabulary...all students SHOULD have finished writing the definitions in class and need to finish illustrations of each word. Some students finished in class, they have these glued into their Science Journal.



8/28/15: Comic/Questions for Lab Safety Due Mon. 8/31


UNIT 1 Vocabulary words: (Beginning Mon. Aug. 31)

(These words and definitions will also be written in the students' journals!)

1. density

2. soluble 

3. investigation

4. science

5. evidence

6. boiling point

7. freezing point

8. conserving

9. process of elimination

10. matter 



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