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Native American Projects DUE OCT. 2ND


Dear Parents,

During the month of September, we will be studying the Native Americans who lived in Texas. We will be creating a variety of projects, some mandatory and some extra credit.

The Native American Museum Project will be mandatory for all Social Studies classes. The students must create an artifact (using common materials) that COULD have been found in ancient Texas. They will describe where it would have been found and 10 facts about the tribe that lived there and utilized that artifact. We will be brainstorming ideas for this project in class.

None of these projects require “store bought” materials. They should be created from every day objects and scraps/items found around the house. Of course, your child is allowed to get as creative as they like, as long as the product meets the requirements of the project.


All students may create an extra credit project. Students are allowed to choose which extra credit to create, or may create one of each!

  • Indian homes: create a 3D model of the Texas Native American homes we learn about in class. Write 10 facts about a tribe that would have that type of home.
  • Totem Poles: Create a 3D totem pole. It must stand on its own. It should either represent you and your family, or choose a Texas tribe to represent.
  • Dream catcher: Create a dream catcher and write on an index card the story of dream catchers.

DUE:October 2nd 

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